On Tap – January 18th

Just in case you’re not paying attention to my Facebook page or Instagram, I figured it’s about time I started linking my biweekly column in The Advocate here. This piece was originally published online in The Advocate on January 18th.

Can you dig it?

Parish Brewing has started canning its flagship beers, and all three are now available at area retailers. Canebrake wheat ale, Parish’s biggest seller, and South Coast amber ale are both available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans. Envie American pale ale is available in four-packs of 16-ounce cans.

Because space is at a premium at the Broussard-based facility, production of the canned version of these three beers was outsourced to Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida. The beers are brewed and canned with the same recipe and under the supervision of Parish employees before being shipped to Louisiana.

This arrangement will allow Parish to get these beers in the hands of more drinkers, while helping the brewery examine demand in new markets in advance of a brewery expansion. Draft and bottled versions of these three beers are still produced in Broussard.


Gnarly Barley Jucifer cans are back

Hammond’s Gnarly Barley Brewing released its Jucifer IPA as a flagship draft and canned beer in May. The beer proved to be so popular across markets that the brewery had to temporarily halt canning because demand was exceeding production ability. Draft still has been available at area restaurants and bars, but fans who wanted to drink it at home have had limited options.

But fear not, Jucifer cans have returned. The brewery recently installed several new fermenters, which afforded them production space to begin canning this juicy IPA once again. Cans officially hit the market this week.


Abita introduces Maison Blanc, Bad Mother Shucker

Abita Brewing has a couple new, limited-time releases that have hit shelves around the area, Maison Blanc and Bad Mother Shucker.

Maison Blanc is an offering exclusive to Louisiana that celebrates the 300th anniversary of New Orleans. This beer is brewed with a light grain bill, Hallertau Blanc hops and finished with sauvignon blanc grapes. The result is almost a hybrid between beer and white wine. The finish is dry, yet there’s a touch of sweetness from the grapes.

Bad Mother Shucker is the first release in the new Limited Series. Abita has transitioned the Select series from 22-ounce bomber bottles into this series of six-packs of 12-ounce bottles. This oyster stout brings big flavors of roasty chocolate, with a hint of briny sea salt on the finish, which comes from the Louisiana gulf oysters added late in the brewing process.

Bad Mother Shucker

NOLA Brewing retires Mecha, introduces Hoppyright Infringement

NOLA Brewing has retired Mecha, a double IPA formerly known as MechaHopzilla. First introduced in 2012, NOLA was forced to change the name from MechaHopzilla to Mecha thanks to the producers of the “Godzilla” movies.

As IPA tastes have evolved over the years, the brewery realized they needed to introduce a new double IPA that aligns with what hoppy beer fans are looking for today. In late 2017, the brewery introduced Hoppyright Infringement, named as an obvious ode to the saga that took place around Mecha.

Hoppyright Infringement is a hazy, juicy, New England-style double IPA weighing in at 7.6 percent alcohol by volume. Find it in four-packs of 12-ounce cans at area retailers.

Hoppyright Infringement


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