100 Days: The Run Streak

Time for a (sort of) non-beer post.

Today marked 100 days of my run streak. It all started as a way to get back in shape when I decided that I’d run at least a mile every day during Lent. So starting on Ash Wednesday (February 10th), I ran every day. Easter came and went, and here I am still running.

So what happened during those 100 days?

I ran 457 miles.

I worked to change my diet. Portion control has been the biggest change. Gone are soft drinks and energy drinks (actually, I cut out those energy drinks on January 1st). I rarely eat any sweets, and when I do, it’s only to be cordial at a family dinner. I don’t have much desire to eat anything sweet any more.

I still drank lots of beer. Because, beer. I love hops too much. However, I did work hard to stick to the general two beer per day guideline. I didn’t always succeed, but more often than not, I did. I try not to have any beers after 8 p.m. I find that I sleep much better that way. And I wake up way more refreshed. I’ve almost completely lost the desire to drink big beers as well. Those 10% imperial stouts are just not my thing any more. I’d rather drink a session IPA (blasphemy to the beer snobs, I know!).

I lost 21 pounds. That’s right. Twenty-one pounds. I started the run streak at 192 pounds. Today, I’m at 171 pounds. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t drink good beer and still lose weight.

I got much faster. I focused most of my running on short to intermediate distances, at a solid clip. In fact, my longest run was a trail half marathon on day 12 of the streak. I finished 3rd, but was hurting. I’d love to see how I’d fare today, nearly 3 months later. I’m in much better shape and much faster.

I feel better. It feels good not to be a fatass. I’m sharper mentally. I sleep better. I wake up more rested. Since most of my runs are done early in the morning, I’ve found it easier to wake up early. Then I feel good the rest of the day.

Will the streak continue? I don’t know. Part of my doesn’t want it to stop. Another says stop on a clean number and take a rest day. I’m not sure what will happen. But I guarantee that I won’t stop running. I need to continue running on a regular basis from both a physical and mental standpoint.

The biggest takeaway is just how important physical activity is to your well being. Please, if you’re reading this, make sure to get your exercise. It doesn’t have to be running, and you don’t have to do it for 100 straight days. But any form of exercise is important. And you need to do it on a regular basis. Work up a sweat. You may hate it at first, but if you keep at it and see the results, you’ll find that you start to enjoy it.

Before pic: Q50 half marathon 12 days into the run streak.
After pic: Girls on the Run 5K with my daughter on day 95 of the streak.

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