Founders Rübæus

Founders Brewing recently announced that not only would their Rübæus become a year round offering, but that it would be canned and distributed in a “Ruby Cube” 9-pack.

Ruby Cube

You thought having Rubaeus available year-round was good? How about having it available year-round and in a 9-pack can package? We’re here to tell you that dreams really can come true.

Beginning in April 2016, the affectionately named “Ruby Cube” will be available across our distribution footprint, with taproom availability beginning on March 18. Each “Ruby Cube” will contain 9-12oz cans of Rubaeus and will have a suggested retail price of $17.99.

You’ve been showing Rubaeus so much love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that it was a no-brainer to make it part of our year-round lineup. We anticipate the momentum will only continue to build as Rubaeus will be more widely available now that it is included in our year-round lineup as a bottled and canned offering. Just think of all the wonderful places you can bring these cans! The beach! A picnic! The top of a mountain! The bottom of a mountain! Your bed! The list goes on and on. Be sure to show us where you take those beautiful cans.

Optimizing the flavor of fresh raspberries, Rubaeus is Founders’ way of celebrating the joys of summer year-round. This stunning berry-red masterpiece is the perfect blend of sweet, tart and refreshing. No question about it, this beer is 100% Founders.

The “Ruby Cube” is our fourth can package to hit shelves, preceded by All Day IPA, Centennial IPA and Dirty Bastard (“The Dirty Dozen”).


Rübæus is a ruby-red raspberry ale, and Founders sent me a couple cans to sample. Of course I was happy to oblige, as it’s always nice to get beer mail.

Weighing in at 5.7%, Rübæus pours ruby-red with little head that disappears rather quickly. Despite this lack of head, it’s quite the effervescent beer, which helps give the raspeberry flavor even more pop.There’s a sharp raspberry aroma (go figure) and the taste certainly follows. It’s slightly sweet, slightly tart, and very easy to drink. The finish is crisp, and it would be refreshing during the hot summer months as a thirst quencher. I’m not typically a fruit beer drinker, but this one is enjoyable.

The Ruby Cube 9-packs will be available across Founders’ entire distribution footprint beginning this month.

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Founders Rubaeus



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