A visit to Natchez Brewing Company

Last weekend, I ran the 10-mile Forge Equinox trail race in the Homochitto National Forest two hours north of Baton Rouge. It was a sloppy muddy mess after a couple weeks of rain and a drenching the night before. But that made it all the more interesting. The terrain there is surprisingly hilly and it will humble you if you aren’t prepared.

After I finished the race, I hung out for a bit then cleaned up, eager to make the 25 mile drive west to Natchez to finally check out that city’s only craft brewery.

Natchez Brewing Company is located in the heart of downtown on Franklin Street. Opened in 2015 by husband and wife team, Pat and Lisa Miller, this quaint brewery is a wonderful place to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. Pat and Lisa welcomed me with open arms as I spent the majority of their business hours hanging out, chatting, and likely, getting in the way.

File Mar 21, 11 04 32 AM
Natchez Brewing Company logo

A tour and tasting will cost you $15 with a cool 10oz souvenir glass and 5 pours (or $10 with a throwaway cup, but trust me, you should go for the nicer tasting glass). Pat leads the tours every hour (or whenever the crowd gets big enough), while Lisa minds the beer pours for the thirsty patrons. On the tour you’ll be able to check out the 3 barrel brew system upstairs, as well as the 5 fermentors located in the basement. While the setup is small and unassuming, Pat and Lisa are churning out tasty beers for sure.

File Mar 21, 11 06 39 AM
Owner and brewmaster, Pat Miller, leads a tour on Saturday afternoon.

I was able to try each of the beers they had on tap, which aside from the flagships Bluff City Blonde and ALT-ered State amber, rotate at any given time. The blonde is an easy drinker that was the most popular with the patrons checking out the brewery for the first time. The amber is a well balanced beer that pairs German malts with noble hops.

File Mar 21, 11 04 44 AM

I missed out on 300, their Belgian tripel, and Soggy Bottom Brown Ale, but was able to sample the Uncle Neville the Devil, a red IPA, Old Trace imperial stout, which was delicious, and Southern Grace, a Berliner Weisse dry hopped with Galaxy and Motueka hops, that was my favorite beer of the day.

File Mar 21, 11 04 03 AM
Southern Grace is a dry hopped Berliner Weisse that’s slightly tart with lemon and passion fruit aromas from the Galaxy and Motueka hops.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway on a Saturday afternoon, go check out Natchez Brewing. I can’t wait for my next trip up there, which will hopefully be soon. Thanks again to Pat and Lisa for their great hospitality on Saturday!

File Mar 21, 3 39 25 PM


2 thoughts on “A visit to Natchez Brewing Company

  1. Welcome to Natchez. We local beer lovers are happy to have Lisa and Pat brewing downtown. I’ve been following you on various social media and enjoy your posts. If I’d known you were in town, I’d given you a tour of my homebrew.

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