Bell’s Brewery to launch in Louisiana in 2016

Great news for fans of Bell’s Brewery here in Louisiana. Bell’s plans to expand into Louisiana in 2016! See what they have to say below:

Bell’s beer will head to Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas

Josh Smith | Bell’s Brewery
We’re excited to announce that we’ve begun the process to bring our beer to three new states in 2016.

Bell’s beer will head to the great states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas next year, filling in our southeastern footprint.

As this process has just begun, no specific launch dates or other details have been finalized.

“We start with making sure we have the right people in any new state, then start looking for a distributor that believes in and follows the same standards of quality that we maintain,” Bell’s Vice President Laura Bell said.

“It’s about having the right partner(s). It will take a little time, this is a long-term relationship, and we want to make sure we follow our due diligence,” she said.

Construction at our Comstock Brewery is ongoing with new packaging equipment and fermenters recently being delivered. The expansion is not expected to be completed until the spring and summer.

The search for a Lead Brewery Sales Representative for Louisiana has also begun. Application details can be found here.

Additional details will be announced at and on social media as they become available. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr.

I am excited!



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