Finch’s Chimera IPA

I was in Calandro’s Supermarket the other day, and saw a can that I didn’t recognize. Turns out, it was Finch’s Chimera IPA, which piqued my interest, since their Hardcore Chimera Imperial IPA is a pretty nice offering. I’ve searched high and low, and for the life of me, can’t find anything from Finch’s about this beer. That’s the first lesson in Marketing Fail 101.

Chimera IPA pours a burnt orange color, making it a bit darker than it’s big brother. The head can best be described as frothy, and it sticks around for the entire glass, which makes for some beautiful lacing. Unfortunately, that’s where the accolades end. The aroma is primarily bready malt with a touch of fruity hops, but it’s certainly lacking for an IPA. The piney and grapefruit hops come through a bit more on the taste, but they are still offset by the caramel malty notes. The finish is nothing special, and the mouthfeel is on the medium side. At 6% ABV, this one is more of an extra pale ale than an IPA.

Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend Finch’s Chimera IPA, unless you are just in the mood for a malty IPA. There are too many better options on the shelves around here, so this is one I’d pass on.

Finch's Chimera IPA
Finch’s Chimera IPA

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