Southern Prohibition Suzy Smash

Southern Prohibition Brewing out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi has made a splash in just a couple years, not only in their home state, but down here in Louisiana as well. Their Cicada Series features one off brews, packaged in 16-ounce cans, which if you ask me, is the perfect beer vessel. Suzy Smash is their latest in the Cicada Series, and here’s what they say about it:

An easy drinker that’s full of flavor, we dry-hopped our unfiltered blonde ale. This dirty blonde has a pinch of wheat and a nice honey malt backbone with a balanced bitterness, set apart by its pleasant cascade hop aroma.

This beer weighs in at a mere 5.0%, so it’s definitely an easy drinker. It pours a golden dark straw color. There’s a noticeable pine and citrus hop aroma, along with a little biscuity malt. The flavor is balanced. The hops are certainly there on the front, while the sweetness on the finish keeps it from being bitter. I was expecting a bit more hop flavor from this one, and I found that the sweetness detracted a bit from the overall enjoyment of the beer. But, I’m also an unabashed hophead, so take that into account. Overall, it’s an easy drinker and would have been nice to have by the pool this summer.

Southern Prohibition Suzy Smash
Southern Prohibition Suzy Smash

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