Anchor Brotherhood Steam

I’m excited today to get the opportunity to see the Chris Robinson Brotherhood show, so what better time than now to feature the collaboration between CRB and Anchor. Brotherhood Steam beer is a collaboration between the band and brewery and you can read more about it below:

A collaboration between the iconic brewery and band, Brotherhood Steam Beer is a celebration of originality and craftsmanship, bringing together handcrafted California brews and California tunes.

“At Anchor, we’ve always welcomed not only our friends to the brewery, but pioneers, artists and intellects who were often intrigued by the blend of art and science that is our brewing tradition,” said Brewmaster Mark Carpenter, “and, we often found ourselves equally intrigued by them. In the case of the CRB, a passion for music and a chance meeting evolved into a friendship, a collective exchange and the creation of Brotherhood Steam Beer.”

A time-honored tradition for English breweries is to designate their beers as “Ordinary”, “Best”, “Special”, and “Extra Special Bitter” to note beers of increasing strength. Brotherhood Steam Beer (5.6% ABV) is an “Extra Special Lager” (ESL) – aka “The Gig Beer” – meant to be an easy drinking brew from the first set to encore.

“We are over the moon that our collaboration with Anchor Brewing has brought us into the world of craft beers and couldn’t be more excited to bring this Golden State collaboration to a broader national audience,” said Chris Robinson. We hope those able to indulge in the Brotherhood Steam Beer share in our experience of the good times to be had with a stellar beer in hand and the cosmic vibes of the CRB in the air.”

Inspired by CRB’s song-craft and the brew-craft of our flagship, Anchor Steam ® Beer, Brotherhood Steam Beer is a unique blend of pale and caramel malts and dry-hopping with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. The result is a copper color brew with aromatic hints of citrus and mint, a smooth, full-bodied malt flavor with a lingering, fresh hop finish.

The artwork for Brotherhood Steam Beer was created by San Francisco-based artist Alan Forbes, who specializes in rock music posters and has been collaborating with Chris Robinson for over 20 years.


Brotherhood Steam is available in cans (perfect for a concert venue, of course) and it pours a copper color. The aroma has notes of tropical fruit and some white grapes to go along with a caramel breadiness. This beer is on the sweeter side, but with a crisp finish. The hops come through more on the front than the back, but they are certainly more noticeable than in the regular Anchor Steam beer. I got the opportunity to have this on tap at the brewery over the summer, and was happy to see it hit shelves here in south Louisiana last month.

Anchor Brotherhood Steam at the brewery
Anchor Brotherhood Steam at the brewery

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