Brew at the Zoo: Beers I’m Serving

Friday evening, the Baton Rouge Zoo plays host to the 2nd annual Brew at the Zoo event. Naturally, I’ll be there helping to serve beer at the Brasseurs a la Maison homebrew area. I say area, because our homebrew club will have more than 30 different beers being served out of a canoe fitted with a whole bunch of taps. And on two of those taps are beers that I brewed.

Since this is a fundraiser for the zoo, I figured it was appropriate to serve animal themed beers. Therefore, the two beers I brewed are called Space Monkey American pale ale and Macaw-fee brown ale.

Space Monkey APA is a pale ale that’s brewed with mostly Pearl malt, with a touch of Munich. It is hopped exclusively with Comet and Galaxy hops, thus the space theme. The nose is dankish, with some tropical fruit, grapefruit, as well as some herbal qualities. It really is an easy to drink pale ale, at 5.5%, but it is definitely hop forward.

Macaw-fee Brown ale is an American style brown ale with Cafeciteaux coffee beans added post-fermentation. This is a light-bodied brew, but with lots of roasted coffee notes both on the nose and upon first sip, but it is really easy to drink. There are some chocolate and caramel notes as well, and this beer drinks lighter than the color would indicate.

I’m really excited to share both of these beers with the attendees at Friday’s event. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this and haven’t purchased tickets yet, it’s too late, because the event is sold out. But if you already have your tickets, come find me at the canoe, and ask for both the Space Monkey APA and the Macaw-fee brown ale. I’d love to hear some honest feedback on both beers.

Hope to see some of you there Friday evening!

Space Monkey APA (left) and Macaw-fee Brown ale.
Space Monkey APA (left) and Macaw-fee Brown ale.

2 thoughts on “Brew at the Zoo: Beers I’m Serving

  1. See you at the canoe! This event was a blast last year and it seems like the zoo has taken big steps to make it even better.

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