Santa Fe Oktoberfest: A taste of Munich in a can

In Munich, Germany, the 2015 Oktoberfest celebration is in full swing. Meanwhile, here in the States, countless breweries have released their take on the classic German-style Marzen lager. And nothing says Oktoberfest like a canned version from New Mexico, right? While that may sound strange, Santa Fe Brewing’s Oktoberfest is on shelves right now around south Louisiana. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Though it is not necessary to drink this beer out of a mug that is larger than your head while dancing to polka music and wearing your lederhosen, you will find this lager’s unbridled festivity difficult to resist. This ode to Germany’s classic fall lagers is as clean, clear, and quaffable as any that has ever weighed down the table of a German Beer garden. The crisp maltiness of classic Munich malt compounded with the delicious notes of Bavarian hops gives this clean-finishing beer just the right flavor for the end of the summer.

Brewed with Munich and Pilsner malts, classic Hersbrucker and Tettnanger hops, and Santa Fe’s house lager yeast, this beer pours a light golden-amber color. It’s a touch lighter than the classic deep orange version found in Germany. The off white head sticks around just long enough and leaves some nice lacing on the side of the stein. The aroma is dominated by toasted malts, but I got some spicy hop character as well. This is really a well balanced version of the style, because although the taste can be described as sweet, malty and sourdough bready, the spicy and somewhat grassy hops are evident on the finish. This Oktoberfest drinks just as a 6% ABV beer should, with a medium body that’s neither too sweet, nor too dry.

Of the American takes on the Oktoberfest style that I’ve had this year (Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest and Abita Octoberfest), this one is probably my favorite. Is part of that because it comes in a really kick-ass can? Probably. But the spicy hops that lend balance to the sweet malts suit me a bit more than the others. I’d be happy to raise a can of Santa Fe Oktoberfest in celebration. Prost!

Santa Fe Oktoberfest
Santa Fe Oktoberfest

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