Bayou Teche Quantum Hop

It’s Friday, people! So that means it’s time for a big beer. And I haven’t reviewed an IPA in a while. Bayou Teche has released its Quantum Hop twice now this year, so it’s about time for me to discuss it. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Quantum Hop IPA was created when our brewmaster’s lupulin experiment went… a little canaille. It seems he now finds himself trapped in a whirlpool of time, hopping from impossible to find varietal to varietal hoping each time that his next hop will be the hop home.

Apparently, each batch of this double IPA will feature different hops. After some serious research, I determined that this second batch of Quantum Hop is brewed with Zythos, Centennial, whole–cone Equinox, Rakau, Topaz, and Wakatu hops. I really wish Bayou Teche would publicize this more on their website and social media, because it took some time to dig this info up. I couldn’t find a date on the bottle, which is one of my pet peeves, but I was assured this was from the newer batch and not the batch from spring of 2015. Please, if you’re reading this Karlos or Dorsey, make it easier for your consumers to find out when this beer was brewed and what hops it was brewed with.

This beer poured a beautiful hazy golden color with a nice fluffy head that stuck around for a bit. I’ll say this, Quantum Hop looks how I like my double IPAs to look. Too many breweries add a bunch of darker crystal malts to their double IPAs and they end up looking like ambers, which is a big turnoff to me. This one smells of pine and grapefruit with a touch of alcohol. Again, I’m not sure how fresh it was, but it was a good sign to be able to smell the hops. The taste is quite hoppy, with the bulk of the hops hitting mid-palate. There’s not a huge hop bite on the front, and the back end bitterness is slightly more than I prefer. But there are plenty of hops here, and to me there are pine, citrus, and grapefruit notes aplenty. The mouthfeel is on the bigger end of the spectrum, and I think this beer weighs in at around 8% ABV.

Bayou Teche Quantum Hop
Bayou Teche Quantum Hop

I had tried the first batch of Quantum Hop back in the spring, and found it just OK. This batch seems to be much hoppier, and I would certainly drink it again, though my preference would be 6-packs instead of the 22oz bomber that it’s currently packaged in. The bigger mouthfeel makes this beer more of a sipper than a crushable one, and personally, that knocks it down a notch in my book. In terms of double IPAs brewed in Louisiana, this one doesn’t live up to the standard that Parish’s Ghost in the Machine set, but few beers can. I’d put this a notch below Great Raft’s Grace and Grit double IPA, but well ahead of NOLA’s Mecha. Unfortunately, there aren’t many double IPAs brewed here in Louisiana, so the competition is rather limited. At $10-11 for a bomber, it’s kind of tough to justify drinking it on a regular basis. That’s why I’d really prefer to see this in 6-packs, which if priced similarly, would be a much more attractive option to me.

I’m curious to know how often Quantum Hop will be brewed and what hop varieties will be in future batches. If I get wind of any of that info, I’ll be sure to pass it along. In the meantime, I would be happy to drink this batch of Bayou Teche Quantum Hop again, so long as it is somewhat fresh.


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