Hash Brown: Breakfast, beer or both? SweetWater Hash Brown IPA

SweetWater Brewing found success in 2014 when they debuted their Johnny Hash double IPA as part of their Dank Tank series. It was so popular, that they made it a year round brew, now called Hop Hash. Building upon that success and experimenting with a slightly different style is the newly released fall seasonal, Hash Brown. Here’s what SweetWater has to say about it:

Oh me oh my-. What did we do? We fired up the skillet to 420 degrees, tossed in a sizzling concoction of 2-Row, Wheat, Pale Chocolate, Cara-Brown, and Midnight Wheat, then added in a hefty dose of hop hash and other dank-ish-ish-ish fixins to scatter, smother, and cover this baby all the way. Resiny, citrusy hops spice up the rich chocolate and caramel notes the malt brought to the mix, making this platter slide down the counter at 60 IBU’s.

Hash Brown just looks like a beautiful brown ale. Brown ales are really underrated in my book, and the few really hoppy versions I’ve tried, I’ve really enjoyed. This one is no different. It pours, well, brown, with a fluffy off-white head that sticks around for a bit. The aroma is a mish-mash of chocolate, some roast, and some danky hops. In a word, it’s balanced. I often use that word for IPAs that don’t let the hops shine through, but in this case, it’s a good thing. The chocolate and caramel flavors also come through on the palate, with the hops more evident on the back end, without being bitter. It’s there that you notice more citrus and pine, yet the slight roastiness is still there. This is a really drinkable beer at 6.2%, and fall seems to be the perfect time for it. This one just screams to be enjoyed with your tailgate breakfast tacos or lunch burgers before the football game. In fact, I wouldn’t be mad if this one turned into a year-round brew for SweetWater. A six-pack of these will run you about $9, so it’s a great value as well. According to SweetWater, it should stick around until November or so, which will be here before we know it.

SweetWater Hash Brown
SweetWater Hash Brown

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