Tin Roof Smiling Ivan Russian Imperial Stout releases officially today

Tin Roof Brewing is releasing their new Russian imperial stout, Smiling Ivan, today at The Bulldog in Baton Rouge. Smiling Ivan is a big stout, and is only the second beer Tin Roof has released in bottles, following the fall release of Rougarou imperial black ale. Smiling Ivan is available in waxed 22-ounce bottles with draft availability limited.

This bold stout pours jet black with a beautiful tan head. Notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee dominate the aroma, while the chocolate is particularly apparent on the palate. There’s also some dark fruit, with restrained roast and hops, making this an incredibly smooth stout on the finish, especially given the 10% ABV. The waxed bombers ensure that you’ll be able to age this beer for years to come, so grab a bottle to enjoy now and one to save for a special occasion.

If you can’t make the Bulldog tonight, the Tin Roof tap room will have Smiling Ivan on tap, and bottles should be hitting shelves in the coming days.

Personally, I think this is the best beer Tin Roof has produced to date, and having discussed it with a few others who have had the opportunity to taste Smiling Ivan, I’m not alone in that assessment.

Smiling Ivan


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