The Chimes mourns the passing of Tim Hood

The Chimes family of restaurants today mourns the passing of its owner, Mr. Tim Hood, after a long battle with cancer. On a personal level, The Chimes will always hold a special place in my heart. The LSU location is where my love affair with beer began in the mid to late 1990s, where I was able to meet friends and drink many different types of beer while eating some great food. My wife and I both went Around the World and have our names on the wall. Today, The Chimes has expanded to three locations (another in Baton Rouge and one in Covington), yet still remains the same: a family friendly and unpretentious atmosphere where you can grab a few beers, eat some great food, and relax. The beer selection has matured over time, and it’s still by far my favorite place to go drink a beer.

If you’re nearby one of The Chimes locations today, stop in. If not, pour some beer out in memory of a great man. Rest in peace, Mr. Tim.



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