Craft beer events in Baton Rouge Thursday night

The stars are aligning for a full night of craft beer events here in the Capital City tonight. What’s going on, you ask? See below for the full schedule.

The Draft House downtown will tap one of two kegs the state got of Yalobusha Single Barrel Testify milk stout. Typically, barrel aged beers are blended from all the barrels, then kegged. However, this version was kegged from the barrel, so it will definitely be unique. The keg will be tapped at 4PM. Draft House will also have Yalobusha River Ale and Miss-iss-IPA on tap as well. If you miss out, Avenue Pub in New Orleans will tap the other keg on Saturday at 3PM.

Yalobusha Testify

At 5PM, Corporate Brew & Draft will tap a keg of Finch’s Stache in the Wood, their version of Secret Stache with vanilla beans aged in whiskey barrels, as well as the new Sobek & Set black IPA.

Finally at 6PM, Pelican House will tap a cask conditioned vanilla Naughty Quaker oatmeal stout from Abita.

Also, the taproom at Tin Roof will have their limited edition LHBC Milk Stout, Blonde Sugar Sex Magic, and Strawberry King Cake Killer on tap tonight.

LHBC Milk Stout

If you’re looking to try a new beer in Baton Rouge tonight, you have no shortage of options.


2 thoughts on “Craft beer events in Baton Rouge Thursday night

  1. Nice, I was unaware of the other two events besides CBD. Thanks for the heads up, looks like I’ll go in the order listed but an hour behind because I don’t get off work until 5

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