Parish Imperial Reserve Sneak Preview

Saturday, November 22nd is Parish Brewing’s Grand Reserve Day. In addition to their Grand Reserve barleywine, Parish will also have an imperial stout, Imperial Reserve, available for purchase in very limited quantities.

Founder and brewmaster, Andrew Godley, was kind enough to send me an advance preview bottle, and of course I opened it last night. Just as Grand Reserve, Imperial Reserve does not disappoint. At all. This bottle conditioned imperial stout weighs in at a hefty 12%, and a gentle pour leaves a beautiful black stout with a big dark tan head. It certainly looks the part.

The aroma has hints of chocolate and coffee malts as well as some dark fruit. The taste follows suit with dark chocolate and coffee flavors with some warming alcohol. It has a big, chewy mouthfeel, but it is neither cloyingly sweet, nor too dry.

This is certainly a wonderful beer from Parish, and I’m really looking forward to grabbing a couple bottles at Grand Reserve Day next weekend. You do not want to miss out on this one, so get your tickets now.



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