NOLA Brewing expanding distribution to all of Florida

This morning, NOLA Brewing announced that they are expanding their distribution footprint to include the entire state of Florida. They have previously been in the panhandle, but will now be able to send their beers to the rest of the state. Good news for The Beer Buddha who just moved there.


NOLA Brewing Launches into Florida with Brown
New Orleans craft brewery, NOLA Brewing Company, has signed a distribution agreement with
Brown Distributing for the vast majority of Florida.
In 2008, Kirk Coco and Peter Caddoo (former Brewmaster at Dixie Brewing Company) began
their initial dream of bringing production and manufacturing back to New Orleans, founding
NOLA Brewing Company. Since Dixie’s departure from the city in 2005, NOLA Brewing is the
only operating production brewery in the city of New Orleans and Orleans Parish. Since their
opening, NOLA has made a name for itself brewing high quality beers in the heart of Louisiana
and will be offering a full line-up to the Sunshine State. They will initially launch with Rebirth
Pale Ale, Hopitoulas, Mecha and Irish Channel Stout. 7th Street Wheat is slated to roll into
Florida by Summer 2015.
NOLA’s beers have been available in the Panhandle for over three years and they have received
an enormous push from fans to offer their beers throughout the rest of the state. Kirk Coco, CEO
for NOLA explains “Florida is becoming a very craft centric state with great local breweries like
Cigar City, 7venth Sun, Funky Buddha, Pensacola Bay and many other up and coming
breweries. We wanted to have our beers in the mix, and get the great opportunity to participate in
the craft beer community as well as have a great excuse to go to Florida more often!”
To help maintain a consistent supply of beer in the pipeline, NOLA is completing a production
expansion that will help to support their new markets. “We are more focused on maintaining our
quality and developing a solid, slow growth plan while keeping our beers unpasteurized, to
deliver the freshest and most aromatic beers to our consumers.”
When searching for a new distributor in Florida, NOLA explored different options and landed
with Brown Distributing for handful of reasons. Kirk explains, “We were fortunate enough to
meet with all of the distributors, but when it came down to making the decision, we felt the folks
at Brown Distributing just understood our brand, our growth plans and were the most capable
team to support our beers.” Brown Distributing Company, headquartered out of West Palm
Beach Florida, will be representing NOLA’s beers outside of the Panhandle, throughout Florida
(from Tallahassee to Key West).
“We are really excited to bring a piece of New Orleans down to Florida. We always look to
partner with world class breweries and we are confident that with NOLA’s unique line-up of
beers and amazing reputation in the Southeast that they will fit beautifully into our family” said
Ian Salzberg, Senior Marketing Manager at Brown Distributing.
NOLA Brewing will be hitting the shelves and taps around Florida by November 2014.


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