LA Homebrew to celebrate 1st anniversary on Learn To Homebrew Day

Louisiana’s premier homebrew supply shop is turning one year old, and they’ll be celebrating by, how else, but with a big brew day. LA Homebrew opened up in late October 2013 and their first year has been a roaring success. Baton Rouge needed a full service homebrew supply shop, and the first year has proven that the homebrewing community here is probably larger than anyone, even owner Keith Primeaux, imagined.

LA Homebrew 3

Saturday, November 1st is the 16th annual Learn to Homebrew Day. LA Homebrew will be hosting a demonstration open to all who are interested in embarking on the homebrew journey, or to help those who are already addicted to the hobby improve their beers.

See what they have to say about the event below:

Learn to Homebrew Day was established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to encourage homebrewers to introduce their non-brewer friends and family to the most rewarding hobby, obsession and lifestyle since the beginning of time!

Homebrewing is easy and fun, which is why LA Homebrew Supply Shop is hosting an American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Learn to Homebrew Day event on Sat Nov 1st. This event is free and open to the public.

We are happy to invite anyone interested in homebrewing to stop by our shop from 10am to 4pm on Saturday Nov 1, 2014 to join in the fun. We will have multiple brewers brewing up a wide array of beers that day from simple extract kits to all grain recipes.

We are also excited to celebrate our One Year Anniversary on this very same day! LA Homebrew opened in late October 2013 and our first year of business has been an amazing success. We could not have survived without the support of the active local homebrewers in our area. All of our customers are invited to come out and enjoy lunch on us! Jambalaya will be served and there will be lots of food and fun for everyone.

They will start brewing around 10AM and it will run until 4PM. If you’re interested in learning more about brewing your own beer, go see Keith, Ray and Co. at LA Homebrew that day, or drop by the shop Monday through Saturday. They will be happy to help you make your own beer.


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