Louisiana Craft Brewers Week comes to a close

A hectic week has finally come to a close. Louisiana Craft Brewers Week was quite a success from my vantage point. I was fortunate enough to attend several events, chat with many of the brewery owners andemployees, and most importantly, drink plenty of Louisiana brewed beer.

I was able to drink beers from 10 of the 11 production breweries in Louisiana (sorry Red River) and many of them were one offs.

Naturally some were better than others, but I love trying those specialty beers that allow the brewers dome wonderful creativity. 3 of the beers really stood out for me, though I only got to sample a fraction of what was available.

The Gnarly Barley/Chafunkta collaboration, Black Tooth Grin, was a black IPA that I got to drink a few times this week. It struck a wonderful balance between happy and roasty, and hopefully it will get into the regular rotation for one of them.


Parish Brewing brought a cask of coffee and vanilla export stout to Avenue Pub on Wednesday, and it was amazing. There’s no secret that I love what both coffee and vanilla bring to a beer, and this one implemented both perfectly. It was silky and creamy, with the right amount of carbonation. Andrew, feel free to make this one again!


Finally, Shreveport’s Great Raft released their India pale lager, At Arm’s Length, this week, and I was lucky to get a few bottles as well as trying it on draft at New Orleans On Tap Saturday. It’s a happy brew with a clean lager finish. Great Raft has cemented itself as one of the top breweries in the state, and they keep cranking out great beers.


There were some other really good beers, and I’m already looking forward to seeing how many more breweries are involved in the 2015 Louisiana Craft Brewers Week. But in the meantime, I need a break. Cheers!


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