Parish Ghost in the Machine 2.0

Parish Brewing out of Broussard, Louisiana had a hit last spring with their Ghost in the Machine double IPA. Owner and brewmaster, Andrew Godley, got his hands on some different aroma hops (not sure he wants me to reveal them) and tweaked the grain bill a bit for the second version. And perhaps the best news was that this batch was bottled in 4-packs of 12 ounce bottles, instead of 750ml bottles.

I had the opportunity to stop by the brewery’s taproom last Thursday on my way through town, and got to try it on draft as well as getting a growler fill. And yesterday saw its release in bottles and kegs in the Baton Rouge market. And let me tell you, it was like Black Friday. Retailers sold out of their allotments of bottles in short order. Fortunately, if you missed out on bottles, Baton Rouge did get a nice supply of kegs, which you should be able to find over the next week at places like The Chimes (both locations), The Cove, The Bulldog, The Pelican House, as well as some other craft beer friendly bars.

As good as the first batch was, this one is even better. The aroma is pure grapefruit with some tropical fruit notes. The massive amount of hops gives this beer such a wonderful aroma and flavor. The bitterness comes from those flavoring hops, and less so from bittering hops. This beer absolutely holds its own against the best double IPAs in the country. Period.

If you can get your hands on some, do it. It is worth it. This is the best beer brewed in Louisiana, in my opinion. And word is we may see future releases more frequently. That’s good news indeed.

Parish GITM


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