The Chimes Beer University

For those of us that spent our formative beer drinking years at The Chimes Restaurant and Taproom in Baton Rouge, Around the World was a rite of passage. The whole concept was for you to drink 60 different beers from 20 different countries in 6 months. Once completed, you’d get your name on the wall (I can show you mine) to go with a t-shirt proclaiming your accomplishment.

Fast forward to 2014, and Around the World has gone the way of VHS tapes at The Chimes. Forget life support, it’s dead and gone, much to the chagrin of my generation.

But never fear, starting on Monday, August 4th, a new program debuts that encompasses each of The Chimes locations without need for the antiquated card system. Chimes Beer University makes its debut just in time for the return of the fall semester at LSU, with its goal to educate the pleebs in this, the craft beer era. Chimes Beer University is a mobile website, designed for use at any one of their locations (Chimes LSU, Chimes East or Chimes Covington) that’s easy to access via smartphone. The premise is that you have to complete 15 different courses and drink 50 different beers in order to graduate. There are 3 different levels, Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD. Drinking a beer from one of the courses completes that course. Some of the courses available are Abita Orientation, Beginner’s Brown Ale, Intro to Imperial Stouts, IPAs 101, and Study Abroad Germany. The catch is that you can only check into 5 classes per visit, and you will only be able to check in while physically at one of the locations, thanks to geotagging. So, no cheating on this test!

This is a great interactive way to really involve yourself in the beers you drink at The Chimes. I think it’s a great update to the Around the World program and I’m excited to get my studies started.

Check out Chimes Beer University today, and start classes on Monday, August 4th!

Chimes Beer U



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