Gnarly Barley rolls out in time for ACBW

The newest Louisiana craft brewery made its long awaited debut last Friday, and is busy with a number of rollout events during American Craft Beer Week. Hammond’s Gnarly Barley unveiled their Catahoula Common late last week in a hometown event at the Red, White & Brew. This week, fans on the Northshore and New Orleans will be able to try their Radical Rye PA along with some specialty kegs of Catahoula Common.


Gnarly Barley says that “the Catahoula Common isn’t quite so common. It’s a light colored refreshing lager with the “bite” of an ale. Its medium body and slight fruitiness from the atypical fermentation temperature creates an enjoyable Louisiana weather brew.”


“Radical Rye is an India Pale Ale coupled with the peppery spice of rye and a big malty backbone. This bad boy is hoppy, spicy, sweet and strong…which we think makes it pretty rad!”

Here’s the schedule of events that Gnarly Barley will be hosting this week:

Wednesday May 14th-
8pm-till: The Bulldog, Uptown

Thursday May 15th-
7pm-till: The Barley Oak with a special dry hopped version of the Catahoula Common

Friday May 16th-
4pm-till: Local Day at Avenue Pub with a special dry hopped version of the Catahoula Common

Saturday May 17th-
6:30pm-till: ACBW at The Red White & Brew with Catahoula Common, Radical Rye PA and a special dry hopped version of the Catahoula Common

As far as the Baton Rouge release goes, owner Cari Caramonta tells me that they “really need to get our production schedule straight first before opening up other markets. There unfortunately isn’t anyway to know since we have nothing to go off of at the moment. We need to wait a while and get in the groove first. Wish I had more of an approximate date for you. We really hope it’s soon though!”

In the meantime, making the short drive to Hammond for some of Louisiana’s newest craft beer shouldn’t be too difficult.

Gnarly Barley


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