Louisiana Brewing Spotlight: LA Homebrew

Baton Rouge homebrewer, and president of the Red Stick Brewmasters homebrew club, Keith Primeaux, realized there was a deficiency in the Baton Rouge market for homebrew supplies. While a few shops around town carried some homebrew ingredients and supplies, there hasn’t been a one-stop shop to find everything a homebrewer needed in Baton Rouge. That meant resorting to online orders with places like Austin Homebrew or Northern Brewer, or driving to Brewstock in New Orleans. So Keith took matters into his own hands, opening LA Homebrew in Baton Rouge in late 2013.

LA Homebrew 3

After a few short months, it’s very apparent that was a good decision. According to Keith, business has been booming, and he recently expanded his hours from just a few hours a day to now being open from noon until 7PM weekdays.

Personally, I’ve purchased all my homebrew ingredients and supplies from LA Homebrew since I first set foot in the shop in December. No longer do I need to order online and wait for ingredients to show up. I can drop by on the way home from work and be brewing that evening.

The selection of grains, hops and yeast is fantastic. And there’s plenty of equipment for everyone from the beginning homebrewer to the seasoned veteran. Anything you need in regards to homebrewing, Keith has it at LA Homebrew.

And it’s not limited to only the Baton Rouge area. LA Homebrew is setup to ship anywhere in the country. So, if you’re reading this from somewhere outside of the Baton Rouge area, you can still order ingredients or supplies and have it shipped right to your front door!

Check out a few pics of the shop below.

LA Homebrew sign2 LA Homebrew grains LA Homebrew grains 2 LA Homebrew hops LA Homebrew hops2



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