Zapp’s International Beer Festival is Saturday

If you’re in the Baton Rouge area, and looking for something beer related to do this weekend, come check out the Zapp’s International Beer Festival on Saturday afternoon from 3:30 until 6:00. Zapp’s is, in my opinion, the premier beer fest in Louisiana. It’s a non-profit event, supporting the Rural Life Museum, and is held on the grounds of the museum. The setting is just perfect, there’s plenty of room to spread out, and it’s nice to enjoy the fresh air on a beautiful spring afternoon.

Many of the local breweries will be in attendance, pouring their beers. I’m looking forward to visiting with my friends from Parish, Tin Roof, Chafunkta and others at the festival.

Since this is a non-profit event, homebrewers are allowed to serve their beer, and that’s what makes this event so great. Baton Rouge is home to three separate homebrew clubs, and each will have a setup to serve numerous brews. Redstick Brewmasters, Bicycle Brew Club and Brasseurs a la Maison will each be pouring many great homebrewed beers.

You can’t miss the Brasseurs a la Maison canoe, and they even have a dedicated mobile website which details all the beers available at their setup. Click here on Saturday afternoon to get a full list and descriptions of the nearly 40 beers they will have available. You can even rate the beers on the site so you’ll remember your favorites.

Brasseurs canoe
The Brasseurs a la Maison canoe tap

I’m a member of Brasseurs a la Maison, and I brewed a beer to serve this weekend, under my Running Monk Brewing Company label. Actually, I served it last weekend at the FORGE Racing Equinox trail race that I’m co-race director of, as well as back in January at the Dirty Soles trail race. That first batch came out so good, that I knew I had to brew it for Zapp’s. What is it, you ask? It’s a coffee vanilla porter, named The Mighty Quinn. It uses dark roasted coffee from my buddy Cesar Torres of Q50 Coffees (and Q50 Races) and vanilla puree from Baton Rouge’s own Red Stick Spice Company. All the other ingredients for the beer were purchased from Baton Rouge’s newest homebrew supply shop, LA Homebrew. It’s a robust porter, aged on cacao nibs, with the coffee and vanilla added at the time the beer is kegged. The coffee is cold steeped for 24 hours, filtered, then added directly to the keg with the vanilla puree. This allows all the great coffee flavors to shine through, without any of the coffee bitterness and astringency associated with brewing it hot. The beer pours a very dark black, and weighs in at 7.1% ABV. For you beer nerds out there, you can check in to The Mighty Quinn on Untappd here. I’ve gotten some great feedback on it from both races, and I’m excited to hear what people have to say about it at Zapp’s. Make sure you give it a high rating on the Brasseurs site!

The Mighty Quinn bottles
The Mighty Quinn bottles (no, you can’t find these anywhere)

Tickets to Zapp’s Beer Fest are $35, and the event is open to adults 21 years and older. There’s a limited amount of tickets available (2,000 total), so call the Rural Life Museum or drop by soon to ensure you have a spot.


2 thoughts on “Zapp’s International Beer Festival is Saturday

  1. When asking about this beer, The Mighty Quinn, I somewhat jokingly asked how it compares to one of my favorite beers, Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea. After having the chance to try it, I’d say it is right there with it. While not as “big” as Victory at Sea, it has a very similar flavor. It is the best homebrewed beer I’ve had, which is not easy to admit, since I am a homebrewer myself! If you make it out to Zapp’s, don’t miss this one!

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