Stone Go To IPA coming in March

Stone Brewing Company will be rolling out a new IPA this March. Known for their many hop heavy ales, Stone has released a plethora of hoppy IPAs and Double IPAs over the years. From Ruination  to Enjoy By to Sublimely Self Righteous Black Ale, most of these have been big beers with big hops. But now comes Go To IPA, a hop heavy beer with a low ABV. The session IPA promises to deliver an abundance of hops in a smaller beer, using a technique called hop bursting. Basically that means very few bittering hops and a ton of flavor and aroma hops. Sounds right up my alley.

Stone joins several other breweries with session IPAs, like Founders All Day IPA and Great Divide’s Lasso. But at last, this will be a beer that’s distributed here in Louisiana. This really makes me happy to have this type of IPA available soon around here. As much as I love big IPAs, I really enjoying the hoppy lighter ales much more these days. I’m looking forward to Stone’s Go To IPA for that reason.

Look for it to launch nationally on March 3rd.

Stone Go To IPA


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