New Beer’s Resolutions

As we wave goodbye to 2013, the time for new year’s resolutions is upon us. Most of the time these all get thrown out halfway into January. But I’m determined to keep this going for much longer in 2014. Here’s what I’m shooting for:

– Run more. 2013 was not a good running year for me. I slipped out of my routine, and never could get back into it. I only logged 976 miles for the year. I’m determined to get back to it this year. Hopefully I’ll race more next year. I only ran 3 races in 2014. And one of those was pacing a 4th grader in a 5K, so I wasn’t really racing. I did enjoy the hell out of the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race I ran last June. If the schedule permits, I’d love to get back up there for that. I’ve registered for a 50K in April, so at least there’s something on the calendar to help motivate me. I’m not going to shoot for a particular mileage in 2014. But I want to run more, run longer, and run faster.

– Stop chasing the next great beer. 2013 was a great beer year for me. I got to try some really epic beers. In fact, too many to list. I traded beers with people all around the country, and got some great beer in return. I also met a lot of great people at bottle shares, and continued to share beer with a great group of people. But I’ve realized that chasing all these white whales is a never ending deal. And I can’t possibly try every single great beer out there. So, I’m going to try to slow down on that, and just enjoy what’s available to me. Too often, I get caught up in the next great thing and ignore the really good beer that’s right under my nose.

– Drink down my cellar. I’ve got WAY too much beer on hand. There are some great ones that I’m holding onto for future bottle shares. But some of these are going to get enjoyed before then. I love sharing beer with others, but I can’t just keep some of these beers sitting around forever. Beer is meant to be enjoyed. So why not enjoy it?

– Drink local more. This one sounds good in theory, but truthfully, I want to see my local breweries step up their game a little more. I want to see a great IPA from a local brewery here in Louisiana that I’m proud to drink all the time. It’s sad that Mississippi has a better IPA (Lazy Magnolia’s Timber Beast) than anything currently brewed in Louisiana. I want to see year round stouts that are great beers. I want to see styles that nobody else around here is making. And I really want to see them in 12 ounce bottles, that I can enjoy at home. Enough with the bombers. I know that profit margin is higher on them, so that’s why they are made, but I really don’t want to open up a 22 ounce bomber or 750ml bottle of double IPA very often. Put them in 4-packs of 12 ounce bottles or even 16 ounce cans, so I can enjoy a single beer serving. I promise, I’ll buy more of it that way.

– Homebrew more. Now, some might say I already homebrew a lot, and I can’t argue with that. But most of the time what I brew is for a race or some other event. I rarely brewed anything that was solely for me. Sure, sometimes I got what was left in a keg after a race, but that was the exception rather than the rule. I want to brew really good beer, and have it on tap at my house all the time. I want to make better beer than I have in the past. Sure, some of them turned out really good, and I got a lot of compliments on many of them. Some, I thought could have been better. And I’m determined to make them better in 2014. I want to enter more competitions and get some real feedback.

So, in short, I’m determined to run more, drink more local and regional beer, and homebrew more. What are your new beer’s resolutions for 2014?



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