Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter

What follows is the November 20th edition of my weekly column written for DIG Magazine.

As the weather cools and the days get shorter, the focus turns from light and refreshing beers to dark and bold ones. Tin Roof’s latest seasonal brew exemplifies that autumnal view. Introduced in fall 2012, Parade Ground Coffee Porter has gained a cult-like following. And this year, Tin Roof becomes the first Louisiana brewery to package a porter or stout for sale at retail outlets.

Parade Ground, named after LSU’s large field in the center of campus, is a robust porter featuring a blend of New Orleans Coffee Company’s mocha and French roast coffee. It pours a dark brown with some slight ruby notes, and has a tan head that fades into some nice lacing. The coffee aroma is light and not overpowering, with a hint of chocolate. The coffee taste is again light, with chocolate, caramel and a slight nuttiness shining through. With a medium body, this porter really hides the 7-percent ABV well, making it an easy to drink dark ale.

On the heels of its last seasonal, Watermelon Wheat, Tin Roof again hit a home run with its can design. This one features a burlap sack design with a trumpet and their signature logo. Pair Parade Ground Coffee Porter with cheesecake to make a divine dessert. It will also go well with morning tailgates for the pair of upcoming LSU football games.

Find Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter on tap at your favorite restaurant or bar, or in six-packs at Calandro’s Supermarket.

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Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter


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