SweetWater Dank Tank Red Hot Mama

Several weeks ago, I got a package from SweetWater Brewing. It’s always nice to have the UPS guy bring packages from breweries. Anyway, it had a couple of bombers in it, the FestivAle, which had  been bottled and waxed earlier that week, and the latest in their Dank Tank series, Red Hot Mama. That one was of particular interest  to me, since I’m a Widespread Panic fan, and this was obviously named for the same song. In fact, the story of the beer ends  with the lyrics from the song, “Ride on, Red Hot Mama, girl, you sure look good to me!”

Tonight, I finally got the opportunity to open it. Red Hot Mama is described as an imperial red ale with 8.6% ABV and 82 IBUs. It pours a dark crimson color with just a bit of head. The aroma has some toasty biscuit aroma as well as some citrusy hops. The taste isn’t overly hoppy, but some nice caramel notes with a noticeable bitterness on the back end. I would never have guessed 8.6% ABV by the taste, as this one goes down easily. It drinks more like a 6% beer, with a medium body.

All in all, a good beer. I was hoping for a bit more hoppiness from it, but it’s still a really nice effort. As someone who isn’t a huge red ale fan, this one is one of the better ones. So glad to have it available on shelves here in Louisiana. If  you’re a Panic fan, pick this one up for the bottle alone.

Big thanks to Seth Herman, the Sales Director for SweetWater for sending me this beer. Appreciate you!

I’d give this one 4 out of 5 bottle caps.

SweetWater Red Hot Mama


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