The Bruery coming to Louisiana


Last month came word that The Bruery would soon be distributing to Louisiana. Today, I was able to get some more details from Nick Selby, one of the partners at Uncorked, who will distribute The Bruery beers. Nick said that the label approval process from the state is ongoing, but that he is hoping for a mid-December bottle release. Obviously, all of these beers are very limited, and that once they hit the market, there won’t be any more until late February or early March.

The exciting news is the list of beers coming. Here’s what we will be getting:

  • Saison Rue – a farmhouse ale
  • Mischief – a hoppy Belgian-style golden ale
  • Rueuze – a gueuze
  • Oude Tart – a Flanders red ale
  • Bois – their 5th anniversary release, which is an old ale aged in bourbon barrels and weighing in at 15%
  • Tart of Darkness – a dark wild ale, that I’m super excited for.


In the Baton Rouge area, Calandro’s Supermarket and Cuban Liquor will be the exclusive retailers, and The Cove will be the only bar to get any of it.

Very exciting news indeed, and as the release approaches, I’ll be sure to update.


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