Abita Andygator: Silver Medal winner at GABF now in 6-packs

What follows is the November 13th edition of my weekly column written for DIG Magazine.

The month of October was a big one for Abita and their popular Andygator beer. First was the release of Andygator in six-packs on the first of October. Previously available on draft and in 22-ounce bottles, the addition of 12-ounce bottles has proven to be a smart decision for this craft brewery over in Abita Springs. Retailers tell me that the six-packs have been flying off the shelves over the past month.

Andygator also won a silver medal in the Bock category at the prestigious Great American Beer Festival held in Denver, Colo., held Oct. 10 -12. The medal was Abita’s first, as well as the first by a Louisiana brewery in 15 years.

Andygator is described by Abita as a Helles Dopplebock, which is a blend of two different styles. Helles lagers are generally light in color and easy-drinking, while dopplebocks are darker and full bodied, with a higher alcohol content. Andygator is a German-style lager that pours a light golden color, yet is full-bodied and weighs in at 8-percent ABV. It pours from the bottle with little head, and features a slight fruity aroma. The taste is sweet, but with a dry finish.

Andygator pairs well with a fried seafood po’ boy, crawfish etouffee, or a bleu cheese salad. Bottles can be found in grocery and liquor stores all over the city, as well as on tap in a wide variety of restaurants and bars. Give this swamp creature a try, but be careful; it packs quite the bite.

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Abita Andygator


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