Covington Brewhouse Anonymous IPA to debut in November

Covington Brewhouse has primarily been known for their Strawberry Ale, Ponchartrain Pilsner and Bayou Bock beers, as well as the Heiner Brau collection since their inception a few years ago. But with a new ownership group, head brewer Brian Broussard has finally been afforded some creativity to help lead Covington in a new direction. The first step is the release of their Anonymous IPA next month, and Covington has scheduled a few events to mark the occasion.
A beer stroll through downtown Covington will be held on Friday, November 8th, starting at the brewery, then moving to Columbia Street Tap Room, Rock N Blues Cafe and ending at The Green Room where Broussard’s band and Dash Rip Rock will be playing. The following night will be the New Orleans release at Avenue Pub.

But what about the beer? Here’s what Covington has to say about Anonymous IPA:

Covington Brewhouse’s Anonymous IPA is the first result of a scientist and a rock n roll brewmaster buying the best kept secret in downtown Covington, Louisiana. The recipe was formulated almost a year ago. It’s something our brewmaster has been sneaking into events with for the past few months as a secret. That’s where the name anonymous came from. Questions like “what is this?” and “where can I get this?” were answered by “It’s anonymous” creating the buzz for our “Anonymous IPA”. The beer is a blend of six different malts, five different hops and a lot of tender love and care from our brewing team. The maltiness and beautiful darker than average color comes from the Munich, Aromatic and Caramel malts with a splash of pale chocolate malt. The amazing hop flavor and aroma created by the five different hops are going to remain anonymous. So far nobody has figured them out. This brave new beer is brewed by and for innovators. Go ahead. Expect the exceptional. We think you’ll like what’s brewing.

According to Broussard, Anonymous IPA weighs in at 6.5% ABV.

Check it out if you’re in the area, or ask for Covington’s Anonymous IPA at your local south Louisiana watering hole next month.

Anonymous IPA


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