Bayou Teche Biere Miel

What follows is the October 30th edition of my weekly column written for DIG Magazine.

Wild honey is not necessarily something you consider when you think of beer. But then again, Bayou Teche is no ordinary brewery. Their Miel Sauvage, which is French for “wild honey” beer is emblematic of what this Arnaudville brewery is all about.

A Biere de Miel is a style that French farmhouse breweries have made for centuries. Also known as a braggot, this beer is made with ample amounts of honey, leaving a sweetness unlike any other. Bayou Teche utilized locally sourced honey from their neighbors, Bernard Apiaries, as well as barley from France to make this old world style ale. They then aged it in whiskey barrels for 100 days — the same amount of time Napoleon was exiled on Elba.

Miel Sauvage pours a mahogany color with a quickly disappearing head. The aroma is sweet with notes of vanilla and oak from the barrel aging. The noticeable sweetness from the honey is apparent upon first taste, with the vanilla, oak and whiskey notes coming through on the finish. Miel Sauvage is medium bodied, despite the booziness of the whiskey. At 9-percent ABV, this is a big beer.

This limited release beer is sold in 22-ounce bombers at retailers such as The Beverage Store, Cuban Liquor and Calandro’s. Also look for it on tap at The Bulldog. A bottle will run about $11, but it is well worth it for this special release.

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Bayou Teche Miel Sauvage


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