Unique Beer in BR

Here is the second piece I wrote for DIG Magazine’s September 25th Beer Issue.

Unique Beer

Where to find it

Louisiana, and Baton Rouge particularly, isn’t necessarily known as a craft beer mecca. But don’t be deceived: there is no shortage of unique and rare beers available to us. The key is knowing where to find them.

Here are six to keep an eye out for.

Westvleteren 12
Often recognized as the world’s best beer, the Trappist monks of Saint Sixtus brew a limited amount of their famous Belgian quadrupel. In late 2012, they released a one-time gift pack to the United States, with all of the sets selling out quickly. However, if you are willing to shell out the dough, The Cove, located on Corporate Boulevard has bottles for sale.

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze
This three year Lambic blend is fermented with wild yeast, aged in oak barrels, then bottle conditioned for a year before being released. Highly carbonated, this pucker-inducing brew is the true definition of a sour beer. Distribution is limited, but Baton Rouge gets a case or two on a semi-regular basis. Find it right now at The Beverage Store, located on Florida Boulevard.

Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel 4
Houston’s Saint Arnold Brewing Company began releasing a line of barrel-aged beers late last year. The fourth release in the series is a weizenbock, aged in bourbon barrels with cocoa nibs. This banana-split-in-a-bottle is limited and only available at select restaurants and bars. Find it at The Chimes and The Chimes East.

Piraat Ale
This Belgian style IPA features a unique Belgian yeast balanced by a generous amount of hops. The 10.5 percent ABV is well hidden, as it is much easier to drink than one would expect. Look for this one at Whole Foods on Corporate Boulevard.

Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche Smoked Dopplebock
Utilizing 100 percent oak smoked malt, this German dopplebock brings to mind smoked meats. A beer that pairs well with barbecue, this one is all about the smoke. Find this one at Calandro’s Supermarket, Cuban Liquor and Matherne’s Supermarket.

New Belgium Lips of Faith Coconut Curry Hefeweizen
The latest offering in New Belgium’s limited Lips of Faith series, Coconut Curry Hefeweizen is an interesting take on a classic style. The fruity esters of this wheat beer pair perfectly with the spicy curry, with a bit of coconut sweetness to top it off. Find it at Alexander’s Highland Market.

Unique Beer


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