Parish Dr. Hoptagon

At long last, I was able to try Parish Brewing‘s latest creation, Dr. Hoptagon last night. The exclusive Baton Rouge release was held at Niche Restaurant, where Chef Sean Rivera was able to showcase some of the great menu items. I was excited for him, as it brought in quite the crowd on a Tuesday night, many of whom were first timers at Niche. Table were full inside, with an overflow crowd taking some of the patio seating. Hopefully, many of these patrons will return and become regulars there.

Now, on to the beer. It poured a beautiful black color, with a small head. The aroma was hoppy, with citrus taking center stage, though some of the coffee roastiness came through. The first sip was pleasingly bitter, with those hops shining through, yet the roastiness was right behind it. As it warmed, the roastiness seemed to overtake the hops. This was a great balance between hoppy and roasty, as both aspects were equally enjoyable. Some black IPAs suffer in that if you close your eyes and take a sip, you think you are simply drinking an IPA. Others have so much malt that they are more akin to a stout with some hoppy bitterness. Not Dr. Hoptagon. It is the best of both worlds. It has a moderate mouthfeel, so that it’s neither too light, nor too heavy.

Both kegs were virtually floated within a few hours, with only a wee bit left for my fellow blogger Tyler at Drink All the Beers to sample this afternoon. Parish owner Andrew Godley tells me that the bottle conditioned version will be slightly hoppier, since it was dry hopped a bit longer than the draft version. I can’t wait for this badass black IPA to hit the shelves.



3 thoughts on “Parish Dr. Hoptagon

    1. Matt, bottles are a couple weeks away. Parish is bottle conditioning these, meaning they will carbonate in the bottle, so they need a bit more time before being released. Mid-October is a good bet to see Dr. Hoptagon bottles in BR.

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