Tin Roof Pop Up Brunch Recap

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to attend the first Bite and Booze and Tin Roof Brewing pop up brunch event, hosted by Doe’s Eat Place in Baton Rouge with my dear wife Teresa (@IeatBR on Twitter).

We opted for the 10AM seating, and were quickly seated in the bar area where the brunch was taking place. It was an intimate setting perfect for an event like this. We would be treated to a six course brunch, each paired with a beer or beer cocktail from Tin Roof. This would be the only opportunity where each of Tin Roof’s six beers would be served in some form or fashion in the same place.

Doe’s executive chef and bartender extraordinaire, George Krause, prepared four different beer cocktails for this event, starting with a Juke Joint IPA Bloody Mary, paired with Doe’s style beignets. The beer Bloody Mary was an interesting concept, but I think it lacked the punch of a true Bloody. It was a decent effort, and creative though. The cinammon sugar crusted beignets were a hit, however.

Tin Roof Juke Joint IPA Bloody Mary



Doe’s style beignets


Next up was a Watermelon Wheat infused gelled muscadine fruit salad with candied pecans, paired with a Tin Roof Blonde Breeze, a light and fruity pairing.

Blonde Breeze with fruit salad
Blonde Breeze with fruit salad


Up next was a cheese grit Arancini, my favorite dish of the morning. It was a pair of fried cheese grit balls served atop more cheese. Yum. It was paired with Tin Roof’s Perfect Tin amber ale. While I don’t seem to drink a lot of Perfect Tin on its own, this is a beer I find that pairs well with a lot of different foods, from cheeses to barbecue dishes. This one was a great accompaniment to the fried cheese grits.

Fried cheese grits with Perfect Tin
Fried cheese grits with Perfect Tin


The battered quail atop sweet potato silver dollar pancakes was the next course, paired with a Voodoo Gingeroo. This was Tin Roof’s Voodoo Bengal pale ale with a bit of Old New Orleans Rum’s Gingeroo, a spicy ginger ale. I thought the Gingeroo was a bit heavy handed in this one, as the ginger seemed to overpower the citrus of the pale ale.

Voodoo Gingeroo
Voodoo Gingeroo


What followed was a braised pork belly with duck egg and duck egg hollandaise, all atop a doughnut from Tiger Deaux-Nuts. This take on eggs benedict was fantastic, and it was paired with Tin Roof’s Parade Ground Coffee Porter, aged for 10 months. This was the best beer of the day, and I think is Tin Roof’s best offering.

Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter
A take on Eggs Benedict with Coffee Porter


For dessert (yes, there has to be dessert), we were served a fig crepe topped with coffee porter chocolate ganache. This was paired with a Watermelon Wheat Doe Wadsworth, a take on a Jane Mansfield. This was by far the best beer cocktail of the day, with a big watermelon aroma and a nice refreshing taste. This one was really well done.

Fig crepe with Watermelon Wheat Doe Wadsworth
Fig crepe with Watermelon Wheat Doe Wadsworth


Teresa and I really enjoyed this one of a kind pop up brunch. Jay Ducote, Chris Wadsworth and George Krause all did a great job with this, and I’m really encouraged by these types of events in Baton Rouge. It shows that there’s more to the local dining and drink scene than the same old same old. While not all of the beer cocktails worked for me, I did enjoy the innovation and being able to try something different.

Be sure to check out Doe’s Eat Place as well, which served as a great setting for this event. Chuck Pierce also recorded  episodes of both the Me and My Big Mouth podcast and radio show during both of the seatings. I was able to sneak on for a couple of minutes at the end of the podcast.








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