Stone Ruination IPA is getting stronger

Stone Brewing‘s popular Ruination IPA is getting a slight bump in ABV. The beer currently weighs in at 7.7%, but Stone has been experimenting with a slightly higher ABV, and with good results.

According to Stone co-founder, Greg Koch:

We brewed some batches at the slightly higher ABV and our in-house tasting sessions told us that we liked the beer just a little bit more. The additional intensity is a modest modification, but it’s our preference in a side-by-side analysis. Thus, the change! Almost nothing should ever be so sacred that you won’t consider tweaks that result in improvements.

We’ll start offering the new higher ABV recipe in bottles once we get all the necessary paperwork cleared with all the state governmental agencies (a process which, interestingly enough, tends to make one want a beer with a slightly higher ABV).

I’d imagine this gives Ruination a slightly more balanced taste with more malt backbone to support the copious amount of hops already included. This will be interesting to try when it hits the shelves.



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