Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

What follows is the July 31st edition of my weekly column written for DIG Magazine.

August 1st has been designated as IPA Day in celebration of one of the iconic craft beer styles. This homage to the glorious hoppy beers that have dominated the craft beer scene for the last several years is a great opportunity for people who typically don’t branch out from their fizzy yellow lagers to try something new.

Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA is a wonderful example of the style, and is widely accessible. This copper colored ale packs an enormous amount of aroma and flavor. Massive citrus fragrances are prevalent, with a touch of tropical fruit and even pine. The taste follows suit, with citrus flavor bursting at first sip, followed by the caramel malts. At 7.2 percent ABV, Torpedo is an aggressive, yet well balanced IPA.

Share your pictures of Torpedo, or any other IPA, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #IPAday on Thursday, August 1, and join the thousands of others who will celebrate this ode to the almighty hop.

Find Sierra Nevada Torpedo at virtually any grocer or specialty liquor store for around $8-9 per six-pack.

To read more about Louisiana’s craft beer scene, visit, like The Ale Runner Facebook page and follow @TheAleRunner on Twitter.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo


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