NOLA Brewing & New Belgium Brewing to collaborate

Heard yesterday from The Beer Buddha that NOLA Brewing will team up with New Belgium Brewing for a special beer to commemorate Louisiana Craft Beer Week in September. The beer will be a Belgian style tripel brewed with Muscadine grapes and named Swamp Grape Escape. It will be brewed at NOLA, and will debut September 23rd at Avenue Pub in New Orleans.

Also learned that NOLA will head to New Belgium and collaborate on a beer at their facility in Fort Collins at a later date. This is very exciting news for NOLA, as this is the second major craft brewery to collaborate with them in the last year and a half. Stone Brewing came and brewed the Pour Me Somethin’ Mistah imperial porter with them for Mardi Gras 2012.

It just goes to show that craft beer in Louisiana is really taking off. Good news indeed!

NOLA/New Belgium


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