Parish Canebrake Cask(s)

Last night I had the opportunity to try a variant of Parish Brewing‘s popular Canebrake wheat ale at The Cove in Baton Rouge. Andrew Godley, owner, brewmaster and head janitor of Parish, put a bunch of Citra hops in a cask of Canebrake and let it sit for a couple weeks. What resulted was just glorious. I will preface this by saying that Citra is by far my favorite hop. The aroma from Citra is amazing. And those Citra hops imparted that awesomeness onto this beer. Holy hell, I could just sit there and smell the beer all evening. Those little hops turned this into what amounts to an IPA without any bitterness. Andrew himself told me it was “probably my favorite way to do Canebrake.” He shares my affinity for the Citra hop as well.

Citra Canebrake

And tonight, there’s another cask of Canebrake that will be tapped, this one at 6PM at The Pelican House in Baton Rouge. This one will be an orange vanilla version, that to me sounds like an orange creamsicle. Andrew aged it on orange peel and vanilla beans. Sounds interesting, and I’m gonna try to give it a shot tonight.

Also, Parish officially opened their taproom at the Broussard, LA brewery yesterday. In addition to the regular lineup, they’ll be doing some more casks like this over there. I’m hoping to get over there again very soon.

Parish Taproom


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