Santa Fe Brewing coming to Louisiana

Saw this link on Beerpulse this morning. Santa Fe Brewing Co is finalizing details to begin distributing to Louisiana. This makes me a Happy Camper (see what I did there?). I really, really like their Imperial Java Stout and look forward to having it readily available, as well as trying some of their other offerings.

Highlights from the article:

– “Back in 2005, I had a vision of building this facility to do 25,000 to 30,000 barrels – I just didn’t realize we would get there this fast,” said the Portland native, who expects production to reach 30,000 barrels by 2015. ” … Right now I’m finalizing a distribution contract in Louisiana so, at this point, I think we’ll stick with the nine states until we build a new facility with more capacity.”

– “We started canning beer in July of 2010 and the response was overwhelming,” said Lock, whose first canned beer, Happy Camper, is still his best seller. “We ran out of stock on a few occasions because the demand was so high. … It put us on the map.”



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