Tin Roof Watermelon Wheat

What follows is the June 26th edition of my weekly column written for DIG Magazine.

Baton Rouge’s own Tin Roof Brewing is back with their summer seasonal beer, the Watermelon Wheat. This beer debuted in 2012 as a draft-only product, but this year it’s available in cans as well as on tap. Tin Roof hit a home run with the can design on this one, as it resembles a watermelon rind with red trim and white lettering. It is one of the most unique can designs I’ve seen, and they deserve credit for a great look.

The beer pours a light straw color with a thin white head that disappears quickly. As the can implies, there is a noticeable watermelon aroma with some earthy undertones. I found last year’s version to be heavy-handed on the watermelon flavor, but I think this year Tin Roof did a much better job of toning that down a bit. It is really easy to drink beer with just enough watermelon flavor to let you know it’s there. It finishes easy, and at only five percent ABV, suits our sweltering summers to a T.

Tin Roof’s Watermelon Wheat can be found in grocery stores all over south Louisiana for $8-9 for a six pack of cans, as well as on tap at a variety of local restaurants and bars.

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Tin Roof Watermelon Wheat



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