Parish Farmhouse IPA releases today

What follows is the April 24th edition of my weekly column written for DIG Magazine.

Parish Brewing, which is located just to the west in the Lafayette suburb of Broussard, is primarily known for their Canebrake wheat ale. However, as the brewery grows, they are able to make more special release beers. Last December saw the release of the Grand Reserve, a barleywine style ale with a limited production of about 1,300 bottles.

This week, Parish releases their newest ale, Farmhouse IPA. It is the marriage of a traditional farmhouse saison with an American IPA. This one pours a golden straw color with a huge head, requiring a patient pour. The aroma is fantastic, with banana, lemon zest and spicy rye, as well as floral hops. An incredibly effervescent mouthfeel is present, which accentuates the bright hoppiness. With a finish that is spicy and pleasingly bitter, it leaves you wanting more.

The blend of the Belgian-Franco yeast with copious amounts of Crystal hops gives this beer a wonderful balance. It’s one you will not want to miss, and it’s brewed right here in Louisiana. Nearly 4,000 bottles of Farmhouse IPA were produced, but it will likely sell quickly.

Parish Farmhouse IPA was released on May 1st and is already flying off the shelves. Go grab some now before it’s all gone!



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