Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast

The following appears in the April 10th edition of DIG Magazine.

Until recently, Lazy Magnolia was the only brewery in our neighboring state to the north and east. And until July 1 of last year, it was bound by some pretty strict Mississippi brewing laws. But when the state officially allowed beers with more than 6.25 percent ABV to be sold and brewed, Lazy Magnolia made a special high gravity beer that has become one of its best sellers.

The name Timber Beast indicates that this is a big beer, and the label only reinforces that notion. Timber Beast is an imperial rye pale ale that weighs in at 9 percent ABV. It was brewed to be a bold beer and it doesn’t disappoint. As the name implies, it has a big piney hop aroma, and it pours a light orange color with a big frothy head. The spiciness of the rye is apparent throughout, and there’s a dry and bitter finish. It is a big-bodied beer and the resiny Zythos hops coat your palate and stick around for a bit.

Look for Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast four-packs, which sell for about $10 at Calandro’s, Matherne’s, and Cuban Liquor.

Read more about the craft beer scene in Louisiana at

Timber Beast


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