Zapp’s International Beer Festival

Beer festivals. Those words conjure up images of people drinking as much as they can in a short amount of time. But beer festivals are so much more than that. And if you make one beer festival this year, Zapp’s International Beer Fest in Baton Rouge is a great one. This one is held on the grounds of the Rural Life Museum in the heart of Baton Rouge this Saturday, April 6th. All proceeds will benefit the Rural Life Museum, and tickets are limited to 1,500.

The best part about beer festivals like this one isn’t the variety of beers that you can normally find in bars and in stores. This one is about the homebrews, the breweries in planning, and the breweries that share test batches of what may be a future release. I know I’m very excited to have some of Mandeville’s Chafunkta Brewing‘s great Voo Ka Ray IPA and Old 504 coffee vanilla porter again. Also, Gnarly Barley Brewing from Ponchatoula will be on hand serving their Catahoula Common and Radical Rye PA, which are both fantastic, as well as a surprise new beer. Also the guys from The Pelican House will be out there making the rounds in advance of their opening later this month.

On the homebrew front, the Brasseurs a la Maison tap-a-canoe  is an absolute can’t miss. Featuring over 40 different homebrews, this will be the place to be. I’ll be serving my Sasquatch Nuts peanut butter chocolate stout, but there will be a ton of other great beers, many of which have won awards at homebrew competitions. My fellow beer blogger Eric Ducote of BR Beer Scene will serve his Dixie Cup gold medal winning Rosemary IPA. Also club president, Blake Winchell, will have his Dixie Cup gold medal winning Spotted Dog Typhoon Amber on tap. Other award winning beers will be the 2013 Iron Brewer winner, Red Bean red ale, the 2012 Saint Arnold Big Batch Brew Bash 2nd place winning Dark Hoppiness (a double black IPA), 2012 Beer and Bites winning Vanilla Porter,  and 2012 Roberts Cove gold medal winners Chinook IPA and Acadian Black IPA. Also on hand will be some really interesting beers like a bourbon barrel aged chocolate porter, a coconut porter, a king cake porter, a cuban espresso imperial stout, a Thai-PA, an Earl Grey IPA, Belgian dubbel made with dates, and a blackberry bourbon Belgian quad.  A full list of beers is available at the Brasseurs mobile website ( so you can read about each one before trying and actually vote on your favorite at the festival!

The festival begins at 3:30 and runs until 6:00. Come out and support the Rural Life Museum while drinking some awesome beers. Hope to see some of you there!



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