Bayou Teche Saison D’Écrevisses

The following column appeared in the March 27th issue of DIG Magazine.

Springtime in South Louisiana means one thing: crawfish season. And there’s no bigger time for crawfish boils than Easter weekend. With that in mind, Arnaudville’s Bayou Teche Brewing has released a beer designed exclusively to complement those spicy mudbug tails. In fact, the test batches were brewed on the same propane rig that Bayou Teche uses for its weekend crawfish boils.

Saison D’Écrevisses, or Crawfish Season Ale, is a Belgian-style saison brewed with a big dose of rye malt, which gives it a peppery finish. It pours a dark straw color with an effervescent head. The aroma is distinctly Belgian with a hint of lemon. The taste is bready and peppery with a touch of hop character. It is refreshing-yet-flavorful and has a spicy kick at the finish, which pairs perfectly with boiled crawfish.

If you’re boiling crawfish this weekend with friends and family, ditch the fizzy yellow lagers and pick up a few bottles of Bayou Teche Saison D’Écrevisses. It is sold in 22-ounce bottles for about $5 and can be found at specialty grocery stores and liquor stores all over South Louisiana.

Bayou Teche Saison D’Écrevisses
Bayou Teche Saison D’Écrevisses

2 thoughts on “Bayou Teche Saison D’Écrevisses

  1. I was wondering if I could use this image on my facebook page. I work for a company that distributes Bayou Teche, and I thought this would be an amazing picture to promote their beer. Cheers!

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