Tin Roof Juke Joint IPA releases Wednesday

Tin Roof Brewery‘s latest seasonal, Juke Joint IPA, will be officially released to the public beginning 5:00 p.m. Wednesday at The Bulldog in Baton Rouge. Juke Joint IPA is Tin Roof’s first venture into the world of IPA’s, and I think they did a good job.

I was able to have a few pints of it last Thursday night at the brewery, and this will be a beer I will drink when I go out to restaurants and bars.  It was brewed with 5 malts (2-row pale, pilsen, caramel 60, Munich and carapils) and 5 different hops. Warrior hops were used for bittering, then the Three C’s (Cascade, Centennial and Columbus) as well as Simcoe for aroma and flavor. It pours a nice copper color with an off-white head and some nice lacing. The aroma is great, as it’s very citrusy with a touch of pine. The taste is pleasingly bitter on the front with more citrus and pine flavor, before settling into a malty finish that is very drinkable. This one has very little back end bitterness, so it doesn’t wreck your palate like some IPA’s and it makes it an approachable IPA for the masses.

Juke Joint weighs in at 7% ABV and a touch under 60 IBU’s.

I will plan to drop by The Bulldog tomorrow night for a pint or two. If you’re not in Baton Rouge, look for it all over south Louisiana in the coming weeks. Hopefully the response to Juke Joint IPA is good enough that they will be able to turn it into a full time brew.



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