Iron Brewer event nets over 1,300 pounds of food donations

Just got word that the Iron Brewer event held at Tin Roof brewery last Friday night netted over 1,300 pounds of food donations for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. The turnout was incredible that evening, with all of the teams floating their kegs after only an hour and a half. We expected roughly 200-250 people to show up to the event, and more than double that number came out on a rainy Friday night.

While our Yamn Straight! sweet potato saison should have probably been called Pretty Yamn Sour, a yambic, there were some really good brews on hand. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try all of the other teams’ concoctions, because I was slammed pouring our beer to the many people who were patiently waiting. Of what I did get to try, the Hot Mamma chocolate stout, made with cayenne, serrano and poblano peppers was my favorite.

I brought a Belgian-style pale ale brewed with honey as a lagniappe beer to serve at our tent, and I did get some nice compliments on how it turned out. In fact, one of my teammates overheard a conversation where one person told another to go get some of the Belgian pale ale at the tent where the nasty yam beer was.

With the turnout being so great and the donations so high, we may need to look into having more events of this nature in the future. It was a great evening, and I can only imagine what the turnout would have been had the weather been more cooperative.



2 thoughts on “Iron Brewer event nets over 1,300 pounds of food donations

    1. Me too! Maybe we can do another similar event this summer. In the meantime, come out to Zapp’s International Beer Fest on April 6th. Brasseurs a la Maison will have over 40 beers on tap. I’m brewing a peanut butter chocolate stout for it this week.

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