Iron Brewer Home Brew Festival is this Friday

On Friday, February 22nd, Tin Roof Brewing will play host to a different kind of homebrew competition. Baton Rouge’s premier homebrew club, Brasseurs a la Maison, held an Iron Brewer contest and the event is open to the public on Friday evening beginning at 6pm. What is Iron Brewer? Well, a group of 35 people were split into 10 teams of 3 or 4 people. In December, those 10 teams were randomly assigned a secret ingredient. The teams had one week to decide what kind of beer to brew that featured that ingredient. Each team was allowed to brew the beer on their own, as long as it was ready to serve on Friday the 22nd.

Tin Roof will host the event, which will benefit the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. By simply bringing a donation of one canned good for the food bank, you will be allowed to sample all 10 beers and receive a vote to decide the People’s Choice Champion. You read that correctly: 1 canned good = 10 beers. Isn’t that reason enough to come out Friday? There will also be four celebrity judges on hand to decide the Judges’ Choice and crown the 2013 Ultimate Iron Brewer.

You may be asking what kind of ingredients were used. Well, the ten Louisiana inspired ingredients were as follows: cane syrup, Louisiana citrus, cayenne pepper, peaches, pecans, strawberries, sweet potatoes, honey, chicory, red beans and Jazzman rice.

My team was assigned sweet potatoes. The obvious choice was to brew a sweet potato porter, but in true Iron Brewer fashion, we eschewed the obvious choice in favor of something different. We brewed a sweet potato saison, a farmhouse-style Belgian ale that has a bit of funkiness to it. We kegged it tonight, and I had a taste of it before it was carbonated. It definitely has a nice farmhouse funk to it. I’m really excited to see how it tastes once fully carbonated.

So if you’re in Baton Rouge on Friday, make plans to come to Tin Roof for a beer event for a great cause. Bring a canned good for the food bank, come enjoy some great homebrews and eat dinner from one of the local food trucks (Taco de Paco and Dolce Vita wood fired pizza trucks are confirmed as of now).

And if you’re so inclined, vote for Yamn Straight! as your People’s Choice Champion.

Read more about the Iron Brewer Home Brew Festival here.



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