Jester King Funk Metal

Last week I had the opportunity to try one of the newest offerings from Jester King, a two year old craft brewery in Austin, Texas. They are known for their farmhouse style ales and they use lots of funky yeasts and often age their beers in oak barrels.

Funk Metal is a sour, barrel aged stout which utilizes wild yeast, brettanomyces, and some funky lacto and pedio bacteria to give it some extra sour kick.  And sour it was. The initial aroma had a lot of funkiness to it, and the taste lived up to that. Yet, the back end had that classic stout roastiness with a smooth finish. There was so much going on in this one, yet it all worked in harmony.

I hope to get my hands on another one of these soon. They are very limited, and Texas is really the only place to find one. So if you venture over that way, keep a look out for Funk Metal or any of Jester King’s other offerings.

Funk Metal


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