Sasquatch Nuts


Sasquatch Nuts was the first 5 gallon batch of beer that I brewed back in October. It’s also my favorite. Most people start brewing their own beer with a simple recipe. You know, something easy and relatively light. Not me. I went full out balls to the wall. A peanut butter chocolate stout.

It started with a big stout base, and after fermenting for about a week, I transferred it to secondary on top of a pound of powdered peanut butter and 4 ounces of cocoa powder. Three days later I added another 4 ounces of cocoa nibs. After another week, I bottled. 2 weeks later I tried it. It was just what I was expecting: peanut butter aroma with a nice blend of chocolate and peanut butter flavor. It’s a wonderful dessert beer.

Three months later, I feel the same way. It’s my favorite beer that I’ve made so far, with Pe-Khaaan!!!, my pecan winter warmer a close second. I opened my second to last bottle tonight. I gave so much of this away, that I wish I had more.

Well, never to fear. I’ll be brewing this again soon. And if you’re reading this and want to try it, you’re in luck. I’ve committed to serve Sasquatch Nuts at the Zapp’s International Beer Fest on Saturday April 6th. I’ll be serving it with the great folks of Brasseurs a la Maison, Baton Rouge’s premier homebrewing club.

So if you’re interested in trying this and many other great beers, mark your calendars for April 6th. Hope to see some of you there.


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